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As an acclaimed boutique, custom home builder we have served the front range since 1987. Our passion for excellence means that we design and build some of the finest homes using the highest quality materials and workmanship.

From the moment you walk into one of our homes, you will experience exceptional engineering, architectural design and finishing touches that provide incomparable value for your investment. Our homes have a timeless beauty that you can be proud of in years to come and functional to fit your family lifestyle.


Custom RKM Homes

We have a reputation of carefully listening to our clients to a build a custom home that exceeds expectations in terms of quality, selections and interior design support to make your home one of a kind. Our process provides a high degree of personal touch, transparency and support to ensure a positive experience.  


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Building a home is something best left to professionals and At RKM Homes we are those professionals that can help you find your next home and offer plenty of customized options to make that happen. RKM Homes is capable of creating a custom home on your lot, on one of our lots, building garages or outbuildings, barns, bridges, as well as remodels and restorations. Our personal attention to detail in creating your space doesn’t cost any extra, but the finished product will look like it did. By using the highest quality materials and superior workmanship RKM Homes is your best option for Denver custom home construction.

RKM Homes will work with you to design both the exterior and interior of your new home, with our comprehensive Architectural and Design services. Whether you are looking for your next home, your first empty nest, or a beautiful Colorado vacation home, RKM Homes will assist you in selecting the best lot to build your dream home. When you walk up to and inside one of our custom Denver homes, you will notice the superior craftsmanship and design involved in each and every structure. With exceptional engineering and the tiny finishing touches that truly make a house feel like a home, custom home construction in Denver begins and ends with RKM Homes. We want to make your dream house a reality, all while making sure it fits your budget and lifestyle.

As developments and cookie cutter homes seem to take over most of the available space in growing areas we are committed to creating a truly unique and custom home on your lot. By invoking the personal touch, RKM Homes takes a step above the competition and can offer something special when it comes to custom home building in the Denver area.

Being a family owned business, RKM Homes knows just how important it is to have a custom home feel personal and familiar to you. If you are looking to build a custom home in Denver, you have come to the right place. With a history of full transparency, excellent quality, and the ethical behavior and integrity RKM Homes will deliver a custom home on your lot that will exceed any and all expectations you might have.

Custom home building on your lot involves a large amount of personal interaction between RKM and you in order to create the perfect home. Each RKM Home client will receive a level of dedicated approach that includes conversations that discuss budgets, lifestyles and needs. We want to get to know you to better understand the needs you will have in your new home and the small features that might make it far more functional than you could have ever imagined. Only by understanding our clients, and their motivations, can RKM Homes hope to devise the perfect plan for your custom home construction. Denver custom homes are rising in popularity and RKM Homes is well-suited to fulfilling all your needs from inside to outside.

We aren’t a contracting company that is all about finishing your project to move on to the next one. RKM Homes will work until the project is done and every detail is just the way you imagined it. We want to make sure that you love your new home and the hands-on process throughout the construction phase guarantees that you are involved in every step along the way.