Design Your Home

At RKM Homes, we work closely with you to understand your needs and design your dream home that will support your lifestyle inside and out. During our design discussions, we will capture your ideas for both the exterior features of your home and interior finishes. At the conclusion, of our design discussions we will provide you with a detail spec sheet to ensure it reflects your selections.

Not sure what you want? No problem. We will work with you throughout the project to present options that are within your budget and ensure you know how selections outside of these options affect your budget and they have your approval. Read more about our Hands-on Approach.

Your ideal home can represent varying styles depending upon your family’s lifestyle, your lot and desired design. Feel free to bring us your ideas so we can design something great together or bring your own plans. Below are floor plans that demonstrate a variety of layouts if you want some ideas to get you started; we have hundreds more!

RKM Homes: Your partner in custom home construction in Denver and surrounding areas

RKM Homes has over 30 years experience building hundreds of homes in the metropolitan Denver, Douglas County and Elbert County area. What makes us unique is the primary partner we work with–you.

We help our customers design and build lifelong homes for themselves and their families according to their own needs and ideas. Our hands-on, collaborative approach makes it possible for every homeowner to realize their dreams of living in a house built specifically for them.

– What to consider when designing a home

Custom home construction offers a wide array of choices. Narrowing them down involves deciding which factors are most important to you, including:

  • Lifestyle – A married couple uses their home differently than a single person. Someone who travels a lot for work uses it differently than someone who doesn’t, or someone who works out of the home. Everything about your life—marital status, leisure and recreation preferences, health needs, and more—plays a part in deciding what features your new house will have.
  • Family size and dynamic – Couples who want to start a family are at a different life stage that families who already have children. Small families utilize space differently than larger ones. Parents and children develop various interests and activities which the scope of your house needs to support. Planning a custom home in Denver involves anticipating what your family will and won’t need in the future.
  • Furniture and belongings – Couches, beds, tables, and sofas are the centerpieces of your living space. Your house should accommodate and maximize the furniture you already own, or the pieces you plan on obtaining in the future. It should also have enough space to comfortably house all the objects you possess or want to get.
  • Budget – The extent of your custom home project also depends on how much you can afford or are willing to spend.

RKM Homes can help you prioritize the factors that will matter the most when building your custom home in Denver or the surrounding area.


Ranch Homes

Ranch-style homes provide the best layout for families that want their main level to support all of their day to day needs. A ranch home can offer a full basement below ground, garden level or with a walk-out. Alternatively, a more affordable option might possess a crawl space in lieu of a basement.

Colorado Style Home

Traditional Home


Two Story Homes

A two story home is not only economical but also provides height to the home and maximize square footage. A combination of vaulted ceilings with a walkout basement give a grand appearance both inside and out. Style and finishes provide extensive options ranging from country, to craftsman to contemporary style living.

Country Style Living


Split Level Homes

Split entry homes present a wonderful flow from the main floor to the bottom level. The concept of a basement gives way to a home that is both inviting, comfortable and very easy to move around. Steps are minimal in this style, yet privacy is maximized when the master bedroom in on the main level and all other bedrooms are on the lower level.

Contemporary Style Home



What to expect from RKM’s custom Denver metro, Douglas or Elbert county home construction

RKM Homes views custom home construction as a collaboration with you. We involve you and seek your input at every stage of the process, and work to align our construction efforts with your needs uppermost in mind. Our friendly and helpful staff guides you through each step and activity in designing and building your home. The hands-on approach we use builds a joint effort to ensure your new home suits your family’s criteria as much as it can.

  • The services and products we provide include:
  • Consultation, parcel search, and lot selection
  • Design sessions, architectural blueprints, budgets and spec sheets for exterior and interior
  • Obtaining permits and title company requirements
  • Establishing contract prices, financing options, warranties, insurance, and lender requirements
  • Real estate broker referrals
  • Project management, construction building, and supervision

RKM Homes is committed to careful attention to every detail of your custom home project, making sure you’re on top of every step along with us. We have years of experience in customizing a broad range of home styles inside and out and cater to every homeowner’s unique taste, preferences, and budget needs.

– Styles and features for your custom home in Denver, Douglas or Elbert County

The best part of building a custom home is that you’re working from a blank slate. Whatever styles, designs, and features you envision for your home are not only possible but accomplishable.

Some of the basic models RKM Homes uses for custom design include:

  • Ranch style – A great choice for families who need one level for all their needs and activities
  • Two-Story – An economical choice for those who want to maximize square footage
  • Split-level – An attractive, easy-to-navigate style with added dimension and flow

We also help you create plans with added features, including walk-out basements, attics for living or storage, vaulted ceilings, crawl spaces, and more.

RKM Homes is also enthusiastic about incorporating your original ideas into their work. We can work with designs you’ve already drawn up on your own, offer you some of our designs, or combine the two.


Why RKM Homes is your best choice for custom home construction in Denver, Douglas or Elbert County

  • Interior and exterior design. RKM’s architects and builders cover every space and area in your custom home. Alongside our exterior design experts, our Interior Design Services bring the same level of detail to your floors, lighting, cabinets, countertops, bathroom fixtures, and other features.
  • Collaboration with outside designers. We’re excited to consolidate our building designs and ideas with yours, or those of other specialized designers you’ve worked with.
  • Fixed price construction agreements. We make it easy for you to stay within your budget without compromising your design requirements. Our fixed price agreements cover every aspect of your project. We always give practical, realistic building options that won’t go over budget without your express approval.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced staff. Our staff has decades of experience in Denver home construction. We’re passionate about designing new homes for our unique part of the world and are especially excited about helping owners build the perfect home they’ve always wanted.
  • Great partnerships with clients, suppliers, and subcontractors. RKM has formed valuable relationships with its client base over the years. Our long history and strong ties with local material suppliers and subcontractors have helped us build the best quality homes in a timely and thorough manner—not to mention lasting professional and personal friendships.
  • Clear and direct communication. We cover all the details about your custom home project in a straightforward, honest way—and are always intent and attentive in listening to all your needs, priorities, and ideas.

RKM Homes is committed to being the most comprehensive option for custom home construction in Denver. Contact us today to get started on building the home that’s exclusively your own.

Build on Your Land

Selecting the right lot is a very important part of the home building process and choosing the right site ensures a successful project and an ideal environment for your family. Often a custom home buyer will purchase a lot before they determine their budget or design. Both play an important part in determining the ideal lot and positioning of the home on that site.

Additionally, the location of your lot is important when considering the needs of your family and how you like to live. Considerations include the community, amenities, schools, commute, covenants, utilities, taxes, etc.  When selecting RKM Homes as your builder, we work closely with you to consider all these factors when selecting your lot and designing your new home.


Building a Custom Home on Your Own Land

RKM Homes has successfully built scores of houses in platted neighborhoods and developments, making us a leader in Denver custom home construction. And we’ve helped many satisfied homeowners to select lots and floor plans to build their homes.

But maybe you want to buy your own lot, or you already own some land—perhaps you inherited it—and look forward to building the home of your dreams on that special plot of ground. Terrific! RKM Homes is pleased to work with you. But if you’re shopping for a lot for a custom home in Denver or the surrounding area, it’s important to find the right land to build on.


Things to Consider When Looking for a Lot for Your New Home

There are many factors that influence the feasibility of constructing a home on a particular piece of land in or around Denver. Custom homes are by definition unique, and every lot is different. There are lots of practical and logistical issues that can heighten the level of difficulty and add to the cost and timeline. For example:

  • Site preparation. Does the lot lend itself to building the kind of house and floorplan you envision? For example, a home design with a walk-out basement will be harder to build on than a completely flat lot. Is the land densely wooded? Then add the time and expense required to clear space to build.
  • Cost of construction. If your building site is remote, or you want to build into a steep hillside, your home project may be more complex and challenging for your builder and take longer.
  • Driveway length/cost. If you have a beautiful piece of property, but getting to the building site from the road is a challenge, you may see an extra expense for grading and surfacing.
  • Building materials. If your home site is especially remote, in the middle of a Colorado winter you’ll be glad your house is built of long-lasting, low-maintenance and energy-efficient materials. These materials will cost more initially, but you should enjoy cost savings over the long term.
  • Building codes/restrictions. You’d be surprised at the zoning and building code exceptions that exist in certain jurisdictions. How big a house can you build on how big a lot? How tall can it be? How close to the road and the lot line can it be? These are questions you’ll want to get answered before you consider buying a specific lot.
  • Cost of utility hookup. You’ll need energy to light and heat your home and, of course, connections to a sanitary sewer or septic system. For a lot on the edge of a suburban area, this is a simpler and less expensive question than if you’re building in the boonies. A rule of thumb: Extra distance means extra cost, and extra time.


RKM Homes: Your Partner for Custom Home Construction in Denver

If you’re looking to build on your own piece of land, please be assured that RKM Homes has seen it all, having built Denver custom homes on all kinds of property. We know how to work with or work around the unique features of your lot. As we consult with you, we’ll speak frankly about what is feasible and what is not. Most importantly, we’ll work with you to create a truly special home that fits your tastes and your family’s needs—one you can be proud of.


RKM Homes is a pre-approved builder of record for numerous financial institutions and mortgage brokers in the Denver metro area. If we are not already approved with your institution or broker, you can have confidence knowing that we will handle all the paperwork to gain approval. Additionally, we qualify for VA loans in support of our veterans.

Don’t have financing yet? No problem, RKM Homes has partnered with several financial institutions to provide you with construction loan products that your can convert to a mortgage at the end of the project. Our partners offer competitive rates and have experience with our organization and our process which ensures your peace of mind.

Denver Custom Home Financing

Finding the perfect home can be a difficult task, especially if you have a list of specifications needed to ensure that you and your family feel completely comfortable and at peace. Though there are a wide variety of housing options available in Denver, many of those in the housing market decide to construct an entirely new house to perfectly meet their needs.

Constructing a home from the ground up will mostly likely require you to take out a construction loan.


What is a construction loan?

Construction loans are short-term loans that finance all of the major expenses of building a house. Common expenses of this type include:

  • Building permits
  • Foundation and engineering
  • Subcontractor labor or expenses such as plumbing, heating, AC, electrical and more
  • Home/roof framing
  • Roofing and siding
  • Interior finish
  • and others

RKM Homes is pre-approved by a multitude of mortgage brokers and financial institutions in the greater Denver, Douglas, Elbert and Arapahoe County areas. If you’re seeking approval with a broker or institution that isn’t one of our pre-approved partners, RKM Homes will take care of any paperwork involved to ensure that approval is gained on your loan so you can begin your custom home construction in Denver as soon as possible.


Custom Home Construction in Denver: Construction Loans vs Traditional Loans 

When planning the financing of a new home, most future homeowners will seek a construction loan. Construction loans are short-term, you pay interest only payments during the construction period. Construction loans are also designed to pay off construction-specific costs in a timely manner, so your construction schedule won’t be interrupted due to lack of funding.

Depending on the available capital, homeowners can pay off whatever they can following the completion of the home and transfer whatever else is owed into a traditional mortgage plan. These options are typically divided into two construction loan choices, however, today most homeowners are opting for a construction to permanent loan product so they have only one closing. RKM Homes is experienced with helping clients to make sense of the options available to you based upon your individual needs. 

Again, to reiterate, if you have definitive construction plans and timelines already put in place for your custom home in the Denver, Arapahoe, Douglas or Elbert County area, you’ll want to seek a construction-to-permanent loan. In this type of loan, your builders will be paid by the bank as the work is being carried out with that cost eventually being converted to a mortgage once construction is complete. This option will lock interest rates and prevent you from having to find a second lender to pay off your construction loan mortgage.

If you have a good amount of capital on hand and want to pay off your home’s construction entirely once the building is finished, you could choose a construction-only loan or a short term loan that is amortized over 5/7/10 years. If you need to take out a mortgage in order to cover what you spent, you have a choice to make to opt for the construction to perm loan or a separate mortgage loan at the end of the project.

Your knowledge of your lending options is a must when building a custom home in Denver as they provide different financing options based on available capital as well as various mortgage needs and preferences.


Denver Custom Home Financing: The Key to Your Dream Home

When it comes to Denver custom home construction, RKM Homes is your go-to for a contractor service that takes a hands-on approach every step of the way, making sure that your new home will be to your exact specifications and desires. With the right construction loan from a trusted lender, you’ll be able to build your dream home from the ground up in record time with a wide variety of payment options.


RKM Homes warranties the construction of your home. Additionally, most manufacturer offer warranties that can transfer to you upon completion of your project.

Structural warranties are also available providing additional peace of mind. RKM Homes will take responsibility to ensure your home meets all of the requirements and we will submit all paperwork to qualify for your home for a structural warranty.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency means more than your home’s mechanicals and appliances. At RKM Homes, we ensure that the construction of your home meets or exceeds the latest building codes. Additionally, as we design your home, we will discuss material options to minimize your heat and air conditioning loss, maximize the effectiveness of your mechanicals generally exceeding all construction building requirements.

During our discussions, we will explore different levels of energy efficient mechanicals and appliances so you understand the pros and cons of each as you make your selections. We will provide you with a detailed spec sheet outlining your selections to ensure they meet your expectations.

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