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New & Custom Home Builders in Denver, Colorado

One of the first things new home builders in Colorado should think about is the floor plan that best suits their lifestyle. You may think of this simply as a piece of paper our builders use to guide the project, but it will also dictate how your family moves throughout the space.

Your floor plan will indicate where people will gather and where you’ll have room for quiet time and relaxation. The following aspects should be considered to help design the flow of your home:

  • Number of formal and informal spaces
  • How do you prefer to entertain guests
  • The balance of shared rooms and private areas
  • Whether areas for work or study are required
  • What kind of storage space is needed
  • Entry points for pets
  • Number of people sharing a bathroom

It’s also important to envision how you’ll use your outdoor space. Will it be a private place for your family only or a place for cocktail parties and entertaining guests? These factors will influence the floor plan you choose as the foundation for your new home.

Colorado Custom Home Builders Knows the Importance of the Details

As experienced custom home builders in Denver, we know that the details matter to our clients. Every family has a unique style that can be reflected in elements of their home. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern style, we can customize it to take the shape of your dream home.

Your home is your haven, and it should perfectly match your lifestyle, preferences, and family needs.

How Your Home’s Design Reflects Your Style

Once you’ve decided on a floor plan, it’s time to select your amenities. You may think the minute details are easier to start with. But you may find yourself getting lost in the overflowing amounts of options! Instead, as experienced new home builders in Denver, we recommend that you use a step-by-step strategy to plan your home’s unique features.

Defining Your Curb Appeal

Regardless of the style of home you choose, you want it to have visually appealing exterior features. Consider the following to help identify the curb appeal of your home.

  • Does your entryway have a large porch with a swing or simply an ample space to welcome your guests?
  • Will your home blend in with the neighborhood or stand apart from the crowd?
  • Do you prefer brick, stone, siding, or another durable material?

These external features are equally as crucial to the design of your home as the minor internal elements.

Creating Comfort Inside

As new home builders in Colorado, RKM Homes thinks of each project as a blank canvas for homeowners. There are many exciting and creative choices for designing your custom-built home, from hardwood to carpeting and choosing between recessed or traditional lighting fixtures.
We recommend starting with the “big picture” and considering the following questions to get your custom interior design started.
● Do you prefer traditional, modern, or another style of furniture?
● What activities will be done in each room?
● How will technology be infused into your home, if at all?
● Are there features you can add that will encourage your family to spend time together?
Having so many possibilities can feel overwhelming for some families. But our professional team from RKM Homes will help make creating your dream home easy and enjoyable.

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